A Summary Look at the Rules of Blackjack

A Summary Look at the Rules of Blackjack

It is important to understand the rules of blackjack before sitting down at a table and play in a live casino. It is a display of poor form when you hold up an entire blackjack game because you're figuring out what to do next. To help out those who are still learning the rules of the game we have them below for easy reference.

After exchanging your cash for chips at a blackjack table you should make your bet. You may bet at table minimum first since you still need to gain experience before making really huge wagers. Your dealer will deal each player at the blackjack table two cards each and the dealer will also get a pair. Your dealer will have one card face down and the other card will be face up for your view.

The number cards are ranked according to the value on the face. Jacks, Kings, and Queens will have a value of ten while the Ace will either have a value of one or 11. An Ace will take one of its two possible values that will not make your hand bust. The suit of the cards will have no effect on the valuation of blackjack hands.

To bust means that your hand's value goes above 21, which is the maximum allowable hand value in blackjack. If your hand value is 21 you automatically win. Your hand's value is compared to that of the dealer's. If your hand value is higher then you win, otherwise your hand loses. If you end up with an equal value hand with that of the dealer then it's a tie.

Here are the rules on player decisions in blackjack. If you get a total that isn't satisfactory you may request to get another card. This move in blackjack is called a hit. If you don't want to get an extra card you may stand on your current value. If you get two similar valued cards then you may split them up and get 2 additional cards making two new hands. You get to play them separately making equal amounts of wagers.

If you're confident enough that your blackjack hand will win you can double down, which means hitting one time and doubling your original wager. You may no longer hit after doubling down.

After everyone has made their playing decisions the dealer will play his own hand. Dealers play their hands according to specific rules set by a casino so they don't have much of a choice when making decisions. After this the dealer will award winners and collect from the not so fortunate players. Then another round of blackjack commences.

These are the fundamental rules of blackjack that you need to know in order to play the game at a casino table. Understand these rules first before taking your seat and making your first bet in the game.


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