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Ever found yourself across the table from the dealer, wondering which course of action will give you the highest likelihood of winning? Should you bet high or low? Hit or stand? Maybe it would be best to leave the table altogether? The following are several betting strategies that will guide you through the game.

The Paroli System. When using this Blackjack betting strategy, increase your bet amount after every win. After a loss, return to your original bet amount. If you find yourself on a winning streak, don't let your bets get out of hand. Decide beforehand on a maximum bet, and when you reach it, return to your original bet. This way, the profits are kept up while the losses are kept to a minimum.

The D'Alenbert System. The logic used here is the opposite of that used in the previous Blackjack betting strategy. When using this strategy, raise your bet incrementally after every loss. After every win, lower your bet. The logic here is that a big win after a string of smaller losses will, in the end, prove to be worth it. This is a more moderate version of the Martingale System, which advises a player to double his bet after every loss, in the hope that a big win will make up for the losses, and then some.

Card Counting. When using this method, pay close attention to which cards are dealt, and which cards remain in the deck. The premise of this Blackjack betting strategy is that a deck in which there are many high cards (tens and face cards) is favorable to the player, while a deck which contains many small cards will give the dealer an advantage. Keep a running count based on number values assigned to the cards. The count starts at -4, after the dealer shuffles the cards. Tens, J, Q, and K get a value of -2, while everything else is +1. For every card that is dealt, add or subtract the appropriate amount from your running count. When the count is negative, bet low. When it is positive, place a higher bet. The higher the count is, the better your odds of winning are. This Blackjack betting strategy requires a super-sharp mind and quick reflexes. If it is done right, it can give you a slight edge over the casino.


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