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Learn about the free online craps games. one of the most exciting and not complicated games in the casinos can be played for FREE!
For those who love to play Blackjack in vacation spots such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and wish to play the game at home, the online casino is the perfect solution. All that is needed is a computer hooked up to the Internet and an enthusiastic player.

Playing online allows one to simulate the various aspects of play in a regular casino. Players can choose to play in games where there are several players, and can chat with each other and with the dealer. Good casino software will put at the playerÂ’s fingertips a wide variety of different slots machines, card games and other games.

An online casino also provides options that a Las Vegas casino cannot. For example, the option to hone your skills in "for fun" mode before you go on to place real bets. And because an online casino does not have the unenviable task of maintaining a huge, lavish building, it is often able to offer better payoffs and bonuses.

One thing you should watch out for online is security. A good online casino will also guarantee the safety of your money so that you can be free to have a good time and not have to worry about things.


To play blackjack in Casino Las Vegas you have to take a software from us and to put it on your computer. This process called "download". It is FREE software and you have NO obligation to play for real money - you can play in "for fun" mode. Instructions:

1) Click on SetupCasino.exe
2) Small panel with buttons will appear. Choose "Open" (in some cases it called "Run"). Sometimes you have to click on "Open" (or "Run") twice.

If you got these 2 points - you are ready to start. Now click on SetupCasino.exe

If you have troubles with download - contact webmaster.


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