What is Rakeback?

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is basically a way to earn extra money while playing poker. To get rakeback you set up a poker account through an affiliate that gives you a percentage of your paid rake every month. It isn’t unusual for a player to rake hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per month, so a good rake back deal gives a sizable addition to any poker player’s bankroll. Let me go through some of the most common questions poker players have regarding rake back:

Am I allowed to sign up with a rakeback deal in a poker room where I already have an account?

Usually you are just allowed to get rakeback on new accounts. But sometimes poker sites allow you to get rakeback even if you have an old user name. Contact the affiliate to get information about the specific poker room’s rules regarding this.

How do I get my rakeback money?

Most of the times, the poker rooms themselves transfer the money back to your poker account. When you have signed with a rakeback deal, you usually don’t have to do anything.

How is my rakeback calculated?

The poker rooms calculate your rakeback in different ways. The two standard rake variations are: Dealt rakeback and contributed rakeback. Rooms that use dealt rakeback method add all rake taken out of pots where you have received cards, and then divide it with the number of players in the hands. Rooms that uses contributed method, however, add the rake you actually have paid and then give you a percentage on that.

How do I find a rakeback affiliate?

There are quite a few affiliates that can give you poker rakeback. Most of them are respected in the online poker industry, but a few are not. I recommend that you choose one of the major affiliate sites, for instance TakeTheRakeBack.com. It is a very trusted affiliate with great rakeback percentages. .


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